CDPAP For Consumers

Your Path to Empowered Healthcare Choices
Welcome to New York Health Care (NYHC), where healthcare meets consumers’ empowerment and independence. For over four decades, NYHC has provided high-quality home healthcare services in the heart of New York State. Explore NYHC’s Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP), designed to empower consumers to make informed healthcare decisions.

What is CDPAP for Consumers?

CDPAP, a New York State Department of Health’s initiative, empowers consumers by giving them control over their healthcare decisions. As a CDPAP recipient, you choose your caregivers, ensuring personalized care in the comfort of your home. NYHC empowers you to make informed decisions for a better quality of life through our skilled caregivers.
NYHC's CDPAP for Consumers - The CDPAP caregiver is helping an older patient have her meal, showing NYHC's commitment to quality care.

CDPAP Benefits for Consumers

Personalized Care Plans

Take charge of your healthcare decisions under CDPAP. Create personalized care plans tailored to your needs, ensuring independence and health with support from our caregiving staff.

Trusted Care

Select caregivers from your social circle, including family members (excluding spouses) and friends. Ensure trusted care in a supportive and comfortable environment.

Flexibility and Independence

Maintain flexibility and independence in your schedule, even with disabilities or chronic illnesses. NYHC's caregivers adapt to your care schedule, aligning with your terms.

Services Offered by Our Caregivers

Mobility Support



Medication Reminder

Personal Hygiene

Getting Dressed


Contact NYHC for CDPAP Services!

Do you or your loved one need home health services under CDPAP? Are you ready to take charge of your healthcare journey? Join NYHC and experience the freedom, independence, care, and support you deserve. Fill out the form on this page to talk to our experts, or dial (855) 446-3300. Our experts will inform you about all the endless healthcare possibilities with CDPAP.

Why Choose NYHC for CDPAP Services?

Consumer-Centric Approach

NYHC is committed to putting you in charge of your care. Your choices and routine will shape your healthcare journey. Our professional staff will support you with every step.

Trusted Quality

Our licensed and trained staff adhere to the highest quality standards. All our services under the CDPAP are completely reliable, which has helped thousands of individuals enhance their quality of life.

Experience Matters

NYHC takes pride in having forty years of experience providing healthcare services. With our expertise, we’re always here to help all those needing care due to any disability or chronic illness.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Frequently Asked Questions

Under CDPAP, all consumers have full authority to select their caregivers. They can even nominate their family members or friends as their caregivers. This is how CDPAP empowers consumers to make informed choices about their healthcare.

Any consumer interested in CDPAP should be a New York State resident, have active or eligible Medicaid coverage, and can self-direct their care or appoint an advocate.

Selecting their caregivers, having the flexibility to set schedules, personalized care plans, and freedom to recruit, train, and hire their assistants are some of the top benefits of CDPAP.

NYHC manages weekly payroll processes benefits like health insurance and ensures equal opportunities for all CDPAP consumers.

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