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NYHC: Your Trusted Partner for Home Health Care

Home Health Aides at NYHC

A Home Health Aide is a trained worker qualified to carry out health care tasks, assist with personal hygiene, light housekeeping and other related supportive tasks to a patient with various health care needs in his/her home and under the supervision of a registered professional nurse or licensed therapist.
NYHC's Home Health Aide Service: Our home health aide assisting a patient to lie comfortably on the bed
Diversity at NYHC's Home Health Aide Service: A caring home health aide, assisting an elderly patient to stand

Why Choose NYHC for HHA Services?

At New York Health Care we believe that personalized care is the cornerstone of your well-being and we are dedicated to providing Home Health Aides that understand the unique needs of the each patient in order to provide them with comfort and personalized care.

Choosing a Home Health Aide from NYHC means selecting a trusted partner in your health care journey. Our mission is to assist you with these daily tasks while upholding your dignity and fostering a sense of independence.

Benefits of Hiring Home Health Aides

Assist with daily tasks

Personalized Care

Peace of Mind

Independence and Dignity

Family Relief

Cost Efficient Solution



Cultural Competence

How Does It Work?


Our Registered Nurse will visit your home to conduct a comprehensive assessment in order to develop a personalized plan of care.

Choosing the Right HHA

Based on your needs, NYHC will select the best Home Health Aide for you. We will also ensure that your dedicated HHA is familiar with your plan of care to assist you accordingly.

Feedback And Evaluation

At NYHC, we prioritize your feedback and satisfaction with our services. You will have a dedicated Coordinator who will be available to you to answer any questions or concerns. We will also evaluate the performance of the HHA to make sure that you are getting the right level of service at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is mandatory for Home Health Aides to be trained and certified. In order to continue to be active they must also undergo annual in-services classes.

Many of our patients receive care at no out of pocket cost to themselves through the NYS Medicaid Program. However, it depends based on an individual’s personal situation such as income and Medicaid eligibility.

Please contact us and our experts will inform you about the complete procedure. We have offices and coverage throughout NYC, Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester, Rockland and Newburgh Counties.

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