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Empower yourself and your loved ones with CDPAP, a unique program allowing you to hire and manage your caregivers, ensuring independence and choice in your care journey.

Private Duty Nursing

Trust in NYHC’s Private Duty Nursing services to get expert medical care and support. It offers you and your loved ones the opportunity to receive the attention and assistance you need right in your home.

Private Pay

Discover the convenience of our Private Pay services, which provide access to top-quality home healthcare without insurance constraints, ensuring you receive care on your terms.

Senior Home Care

Trust in NYHC’s Senior Home Care team to provide compassionate and professional support to older adults. It ensures your loved ones’ comfort, safety, and dignity to enhance their quality of life.

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Do you or your loved one in need of home care services? Are you ready to take charge of your healthcare journey? Join NYHC and experience the freedom, independence, care, and support you deserve. Fill out the form available on this page to talk to our experts, or dial 855-446-3300.

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Frequently Asked Questions

New York Health Care conducts PCA training sessions regularly throughout the year. Keep visiting our training page for the latest updates about the upcoming sessions.

Yes, once you successfully complete the PCA training program, you will be able to find and start the job. NYHC’s personal care aide training is recognized throughout the healthcare industry.

The education requirements for a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) typically include completing a state-approved nursing program, which may be offered at vocational schools, community colleges, or other accredited institutions. These programs cover essential nursing concepts and provide hands-on clinical experience to prepare individuals for their role as LPNs.

At NYHC, right now, we don’t offer online training sessions. All the PCA training is conducted on-site, where we will provide all the necessary services.

Private Pay is a dedicated home healthcare plan through which you can get personalized care plan without facing any restrictions from traditional insurance companies or government-funded plans. Whether you need short-term care or want a long-term plan, both can be covered under Private Pay.

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