Well Baby Nurses & Care Givers

A Well Baby Nurses & Care Givers are Nurses who work in the well baby nursery of hospitals and are either licensed practical nurses or registered nurses. Well baby nurses specialize in the care of newborn babies as well as their mothers. These nurses are also commonly called mother/baby nurses.

Our care givers will assist with:

  • Breastfeeding/lactation support
  • Prenatal/postnatal care
  • Nighttime feedings
  • Promoting healthy feeding habits and sleep environment
  • Sibling care
  • Care for singletons, twins, triplets, etc.
  • Bathing the newborn/infant
  • Dressing the newborn/infant
  • Sterilization of bottles, pacifiers and other nursery items
  • Maintaining a clean, sanitized nursery
  • Umbilical cord and circumcision care
  • Baby laundry
  • Administering medicine, if needed
  • Educating & supporting parents with regards to infant care